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Cover for Eating Out

Eating Out

Genre: Lesbian Erotic Romance
Length: 8,317 words


When Lara Bennett is called for a job interview, the last person she expects to run into is her old high school sweetheart. She hasn’t seen Meredith in years, having lost touch when they headed off to different colleges. Meeting up with her again after all this time reignites feelings Lara thought long buried.

Meredith Marshall owns Marshall Ad Agency. When she saw Lara’s resume, she hoped it belonged to the girl she first fell in love with as a teen, and she isn’t disappointed when Lara shows up for the interview.

After work, Meredith invites Lara to dinner. Things heat up between them at the restaurant, reminding the women how right they used to be together. Can Lara land the job -- and Meredith’s heart, too?

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At five minutes to six I’m back in the parking deck, engine idling in a visitor’s spot. I still have on the dress I wore to my interview -- it’s the prettiest one I own. Most of the vehicles in the deck are gone, but there’s a bright blue Mustang convertible still here that I’m pretty sure belongs to Meredith. I can totally see her in something that flashy.

I keep an eye on it, waiting. When Meredith finally appears, she heads straight for the convertible but I can see her looking around surreptitiously, trying to find me. I tap my horn once, then turn off the car and get out to wave.

With a smile, she waves back, then gestures for me to come on over. Locking my car, I hurry over and fall into step beside her.

She gives me a quick, one-armed hug. “Have I told you yet how good it is to see you again?”

“You might’ve mentioned it,” I say with a laugh. I wrap an arm around her waist and leave it there, my hand resting on her hip, the feeling at once familiar and brand new at the same time. I feel like no time has passed since our girlhood -- we’ve fallen right back into our friendship, picking things up right where we’d left them years ago.

But something has changed; we’ve grown up and grown apart, and the thought of rediscovering her all over again makes my stomach flutter in nervous anticipation. I remember her body against mine, her lips on my skin, and at the same time, I can’t wait to discover what she tastes like now, how she’ll feel in my arms again.

As she leads me to the convertible, I laugh. She gives me a questioning grin. “What?”

“I figured this had to be yours,” I say, running a hand along the car’s rear spoiler.

Meredith’s hand slips down to rest in the small of my back. “And why’s that?”

Suddenly I’m all too aware of her hand on me, just inches above the curve of my ass. My body flushes at her closeness, and a sweet ache blossoms in my clit. The muscles between my legs clench with eager lust.

I bump my hip against hers playfully. “Because it’s sleek and sexy. Just like you.”

My heart hammers in my chest and her hand fists in the fabric of my dress as she leans in close. “God, I’ve missed you,” she murmurs, her breath feathery on my cheek.

Before I can reply, her mouth covers mine.