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Cover for Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Genre: Lesbian Erotic Romance
Length: 8,492 words


Kiersten has always been a fan of personal massagers, and her favorite is the PleasureWand 3000, a powerful vibe that plugs in the wall and brings instant release. Kiersten thinks she loves her wand more than she loves sex, and she can’t imagine why she’d need a real girlfriend with the buzzing beast in her bed.

But when her PleasureWand’s cord frays over time, almost blowing a fuse and threatening to electrocute her in the process, Kiersten finds herself in the market for a new toy. The wand isn’t cheap, and the website she buys it from takes her money and runs, leaving her out of cash and out of luck.

But a local sex toy shop called Amaryllis has the PleasureWand in stock, so Kiersten decides to swing by on her lunch break. She’s a little embarrassed to be seen in such a place, to be honest, but sexy owner Amy soon puts her at ease. She introduces Kiersten to her favorite vibe, a lightweight, waterproof, cordless wonder called the Genie 500, and she’s more than ready to give Kiersten a demo to prove her point.

Can Amy’s sales pitch change Kiersten’s mind? Will the Genie really make all her dreams come true?

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“Know what this is?” she asked, holding it up.

The smirk on her face suggested it was something special, but to Kiersten, it looked like a club on an electrical cord plugged into the wall. They were lying in Lisa’s bed, both women dressed in nothing but T-shirts and panties, and the television on the dresser was turned to Saturday Night Live. Kiersten’s hair was still damp from a shower they’d shared, and her wine glass on the bedside table was almost empty, so she was drowsy and not really interested in something that looked like it belonged in a toolbox. With a disinterested shrug, she shook her head. “Looks intimidating.”

“Meet your new best friend.” Lisa flicked a button on the PleasureWand and a loud buzz filled the bedroom.

Kiersten laughed. “God, turn it off. The neighbors are going to complain.”

“Lay back,” Lisa said.

Kiersten shook her head again and turned up the volume on the television remote. “Come on, not now. Let’s just --”

“I said, lay back.”

Under her breath, Kiersten muttered, “It’s lie back.” But she did as she was told, scooting down so she could stretch out above the bed covers and prop her head up on the pillow. Her T-shirt pulled up to expose her flat stomach, and she wriggled her hips to pick her panties out of her ass. Once she was comfortable, she looked up at Lisa, brows arched. “Happy?”

Grabbing one of the small throw pillows she kept on the bed, Lisa plopped it onto Kiersten’s tummy. “Hold this here. You’re going to need it.”

“What for?” Kiersten asked, doing as she was told. “I’ve used vibrators before.”

“This one’s ... pretty powerful.” Lisa pressed the pillow down onto Kiersten’s crotch. “Just at first, until you’re used to it. Trust me.”

Kiersten rolled her eyes but didn’t argue. With both hands, she held the pillow down as flat as she could, but it was still bulky and she didn’t think she’d be able to feel anything through it, no matter how noisy the damn PleasureWand was. She waited, and after a long moment glanced up at Lisa, peeved. “Well?”

“Ready?” Lisa asked with a grin.

“Some time tonight.” They’d already fooled around in the shower, it was getting late, and the wine was making Kiersten sleepy. She figured she’d let Lisa have a bit of fun for a little while, then fake an orgasm and call it a night. In the morning she could rave about the PleasureWand if Lisa wanted her to, but really, one vibrator was the same as the last. It shook and you got off, end of story, right?


Kiersten knew something was different about the PleasureWand the moment Lisa touched it to the pillow atop her crotch. The pillow barely muffled the vibrator’s loud noise, and the machine’s motion rumbled through her almost as if the pillow weren’t even there. She’d never felt so much power between her legs before.